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Hourly Gate Counts!

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Hi Circ Staff!

This week is one of those special weeks I know you all have been waiting for. It is HOURLY GATE COUNT WEEK! For those of you that are new, every few times a semester, we take the gate count numbers every hour in order to determine traffic for staffing/budgeting/etc. The gates (those things that beep when someone tries to steal a book) keep track of the number of people that come in and out of the library, so at the top of every hour, I will have you RECORD the numbers located about knee-level on the gates. At the 2nd floor there are two numbers that need to be recorded, one on the top of each stairs, and at the Basement desk, I will you need you to record the number after the letter "P" (NOT "A").

Thanks so much for your cooperation, and ask me or a manager if you have any questions.


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