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Tomorrow Night (9/13) 5-7PM...Help!

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Hey folks! Want to help a guy out? Also want to make a couple bucks? Then listen up!

I do volunteer work at the Raptor Center in St. Paul on Saturdays, feeding eagles and falcons and such. Unfortunately, they are holding a mandatory, formalized training session tomorrow at 6 PM...right smack in the middle of my mail shift! I need to duck out at 5, so I can catch the connector and get there in time.

I consulted with my supervisor about this, and it seems that yes, I do need to attend this in order to continue my volunteer work on Saturdays. So, I hate that this is short notice, but if someone would want to come in for a couple hours, and take on the mail, that'd be awesome. I'll even work with you to do a trade, so you could get out of your weekend shift earlier(!) if you wanted to.

Let me know what works! And thanks if you can do it!


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