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Two things!

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Hello students,
Just two quick things:
The book on Course Reserve for AEM 3031--Mechanics of Materials--is to no longer check out overnight. The loan of this book is now 2 HOURS ONLY, NO OVERNIGHT. However, like videos, the book will check out in Aleph overnight, so just tell patrons it will be due back two hours from checkout. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The gate counts have been sloppy as of late, and I just want to remind everyone that opens and works at six (usually closing the library) that it is part of your duty to take the gate counts. Weekends have been especially poor lately, as staff are not here at 6 to remind you. Please take it upon yourselves to take the gate counts at 8am and 6pm. Think about right now the days that you work during these hours, and put it in your mind that after you take off your coat and stow your things, please take the gate counts!


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