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Amy Lewis: June 2010 Archives


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A message from Kristia: Beginning Tuesday, July 6 Walter Library will experience vibrations. The vibrations are the result of drilling a manhole very close to the North West corner of the building, where there is a fenced area blocking the sidewalk. Work will be from 7am-6pm each day with the project expected to wrap up on July 9.

What you can expect:

1) Vibrations will be worst in the NW corner of the building and will lessen the farther you get from the corner
2) Vibrations are expected to be noticeable, but minor. The worst vibrations are expected to feel like someone is rolling a very heavy cart next to you.
3) Technicians with seismographs and other vibration monitoring equipment will be monitoring the building throughout the vibration.

Questions/Concerns? Contact me immediately. --Kristia

Payday Change

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All University employees will receive the paycheck originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, 2010, on Thursday, July 1, 2010. This is a one-time occurrence. You are receiving this notice so you can make accommodations for this one-day change in the pay date. In particular, if you have set up auto pay to cover any bills, we ask that you plan accordingly and make adjustments with your bank, if needed. For those with Direct Deposit, the funds for that pay period will not be available until Thursday, July 1.

In communications from the U it was indicated that in fiscal year 2009-10 (FY10) there are 27 paydays instead of the usual 26. Anticipating that the budget shortfall for FY10 would be more significant than in FY11, the decision was made to move this extra pay date from Wednesday, June 30, 2010 to Thursday, July 1, 2010, thus moving the financial impact from FY10 to FY11.

Fines Payments

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When a patron is paying their fines with a credit card, YOU need to fill out the Credit Card Payment Form. There have been several illegible and incomplete forms filled out lately. Carefully fill out every field on the form and then have the patron sign it. Payments cannot be processed without a proper credit card number AND expiration date. Thank you!


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