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Amy Lewis: October 2010 Archives

Pizza Party!

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Maps and Microfiche

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There are MAPS and Microfiche in the Reference Room (some are barcoded, some are not). Either way, they can be checked-out. Procedures for Creating Quick Catalog Records for Maps and Microfiche can be found HERE under Aleph. They are also kept in the PROCEDURES notebook at each of the desks.

Also, there is a supply of tubes at the 2nd Floor Desk in the wooden cabinet that the maps can be rolled up and placed in once they are checked out. Please leave a comment on this blog posting after you have reviewed the procedures. Any questions - ask a supervisor. Thanks, Amy

ALL buildings on the Northrop Mall, including Walter Library, will be closed for President Obama's visit on Saturday, October 23. You do not need to report to work on this day if you are normally scheduled for Saturday's.
Thanks, Amy

Media Inquiries

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This is a general reminder...any media inquires (MN Daily, local news stations, etc.) should be referred to the Libraries Central Administration Office at 612-624-4520 located in 499 Wilson Library.


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