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Amy Lewis: May 2011 Archives

stars.jpgWalter Library will be CLOSED on Monday, May 30 in observance of Memorial Day. Enjoy the extra day off!

Good Job!

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good job.pngJust sharing a patron's reaction to one of her visits to the U libraries - including Walter.

Click HERE to see the patrons experience which she posted on her blog. Pay close attention to the 3rd paragraph from the bottom!

Good job!

patriotic book cartoon.jpgIn order to help attain our shelving accuracy goal of 98%, random shelving checks will be done weekly. To encourage accurate shelving, treats or rewards will be offered after 2-weeks without shelving errors. Our goal is that this will help you see your purpose when shelving and shelf reading and how important it is to shelve accurately.

Please join us in Operation Enduring Liberty to meet the shelving accuracy goal. Remember even one book out of order is a missing book. Together let's try to meet the shelving accuracy goal!

Walter Periodicals.jpgWork is underway on the Walter periodical records in Aleph in order to change the loan period from 1-day to 1-week. This change will make periodicals eligible for request through the Get It service.

The records work is not done in title or call number order, but by system number. Please be aware that for the next week you may check-out a journal and it will be due in 1-day or it may be due in 1-week. Once all the records have been changed, bound periodicals will circulate for 1-week.

Please see a supervisor if there are questions.

Gray Mail Bins

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Gray Mail Bins (jpeg).jpg

The cardboard boxes do not protect the books as much as the plastic mail bins - especially if it is raining or snowing. And they can be difficult to handle.

Due to an illness we are looking for someone to work tonight - Tuesday May 10 from 6pm-12mid. Please let us know if you are able to cover this shift. Thanks!

walter light.JPGExtended finals week hours have begun.

Walter Library is open:
Friday, May 6 - Friday May 13 8am - 12mid
Saturday, May 14 8am - 6pm

2nd Floor Great Hall Study Space:
Sunday, May 8 - Saturday, May 14 at 6pm OPEN 24 HOURS

Click HERE for hours

The building lights are normally set to turn on/off via a timer set to the regular semester library hours. They should now be programmed to the extended hours for finals week. If for any reason the lights are not on when you are working this weekend call BSAC (Building Services Automation Center) immediately at 5-0011. Then call Bernadette Corley-Troge (Libraries Facilities Operation Management).

Bernadette's phone numbers are on the Circulation Staff Contact Sheet on the bulletin board and HERE AND on page 3 of the Building Emergency Procedures Notebook.

Please do not hesitate to call BSAC AND Bernadette if the lights are not working properly.

Hourly Gate Counts

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flower-clock.jpgWe will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, May 8 - Saturday, May 14. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!


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Stressed out about finals? Come study with us! Extra walk-in tutoring hours, review workshops, free practice exams, and a Saturday full of preparation and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere have all been planned for you.

EXAM JAM will take place at multiple campus locations, including the Walter SMART Commons this Saturday, May 7 from 1-5. Click here for more details.


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