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Amy Lewis: September 2011 Archives


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open door 1.jpgThere have been some issues with the library doors being secured at night.

Please inform a supervisor right away if any doors are unlocked or already propped open (that shouldn't be) when you arrive to work in the morning. If you cannot reach us at that moment, send one of us an email indicating which doors were unsecured.

Thank you!

100_0434.JPGSome of you may remember that TPT was filming in Walter Library during Spring Break. They were filming for a documentary on Clarence Johnston the Architect of Walter Library. The documentary will air on Twin Cities Public Television (channel 2) on Sept 27, at 8pm.

Further Details...

Clarence Johnston - Minnesota's hidden-in-plain-sight architectural master. If you've lived in Minnesota for any length of time you've probably been in one of his buildings but you just didn't know it. From the 1880's to the 1930s, Clarence Johnston built all over the state of Minnesota. Everything from beautiful mansions on Summit Ave in St. Paul to tuberculosis sanitariums up north to Glensheen Estate to Stillwater Prison to the old Minnesota Historical Society building to Northrop Auditorium and on and on. Johnston truly shaped how Minnesota looks today.

Hourly Gate Counts

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clock - fall leaves.jpgWe will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, September 25-Saturday, October 1. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!

Friends of the Library.jpgThere is a new Friends of the Library promotional sign at the basement desk along with new application cards. The information highlights the benefits of becoming a member including borrowing privileges and unlimited onsite computer access. The old applications may still be used as well.


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