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Amy Lewis: May 2012 Archives

Memorial_Day_Title_1.pngWalter Library will be CLOSED on Monday, May 28 in observance of Memorial Day.

Emergency Alert System testing: On Wednesday, May 23 - Friday, May 25, the UMN Department of Emergency Management will conduct a test of the Campus Wide Emergency Alert System (CWEAS). The system includes outdoor speakers that can convey both an alert tone and voice messages. Testing will begin each day at 8:00 am and will continue through 3:00 pm.

On Wednesday, tests will be conducted at East and West Bank locations (Minneapolis); on Thursday, at St. Paul campus locations, and on Friday, at all locations. Another testing at potentially all three areas of campus will occur on Monday June 4th.

When sounded, the speakers will first emit a short alert tone, followed by a voice message similar to: "Attention! This is a test of the University of Minnesota Campus-wide Emergency Alert System. This is only a test." The tests may or may not be audible to you if you are at your home or workplace close to campus.

If you have questions about the system or its testing, please feel free to contact Gary Hendrickson, UMN Department of Emergency Management, at (612) 626-1388, or

Gate Counts

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Thumbnail image for gate counts.jpgPlease remember to record gate counts at opening and 6pm every day. Gate data is widely used for planning purposes.

Reminders will be posted.

Thank you!

2nd Floor Lights

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cherry picker.jpgThere will be electricians working on the large lights on the 2nd floor for the next 2 weeks. They will be using a mechanical lift to reach the lights. If a patron comes to the desk, needing a book which is blocked by the lift, follow these procedures:

1. Contact a supervisor or another available staff member.
2. This staff member will go into the room and get the electricians' attention.
3. If the electrician can stop and move the lift right away the staff member should quickly grab the book.
4. If the electrician cannot stop immediately, they will stop at their next point and notify the desk staff that they have moved so a staff person can grab the book (typically within 1 hour).

Another option would be to submit a Get-It request for the item which is temporarily unavailable. For faculty/staff suggest the office delivery option so they do not need to return to the library to pick up the item.

chat phone2.jpgBeginning Monday, May 14 the Walter Reference Desk will not be staffed for the summer.

Although Reference staff won't be sitting at the desk, reference services will still be available.

If you are working at a desk and Reference assistance is needed contact a Reference staff member (via IM or phone). Contact Reference staff in this order: Charlie Heinz, Amy Neeser, Tony Ihrig. If they cannot be reached, contact any Reference Librarian.

The Reference phone calls will be forwarded to Charlie Heinz or Amy Neeser.

Please let a supervisor know if you have questions.

NRL.pngThe Entomology, Fisheries, & Wildlife (EFW) and Forestry libraries are being consolidated into a single new Natural Resources Library (NRL).

Beginning May 12th EFW and Forestry will be retired as a library pick up location in the drop down menu for Get It. NRL (Natural Resources Library) will be the new location code.

On Monday, May 14, 2012, the Natural Resources Library will open in Hodson Hall.

Exam Jam1.jpgStressed out about finals? Come study with us! Extra walk-in tutoring hours, review workshops, free practice exams, and a Saturday full of preparation and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere have all been planned for you.

EXAM JAM will take place at multiple campus locations, including the Walter SMART Commons (Room 204 Walter Library) this Saturday, May 5 from 1-5.


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