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Amy Lewis: July 2012 Archives

Please read Kristia's message regarding the lights:

The lighting control system in Walter Library will be ungraded over the next month prior to school start. This is being done to upgrade away from a system that is over 15 years old and that has failed in the past. Once I have a schedule for the upgrades I will send a follow up email.

The electrical contractor will be testing the existing lighting system. To do this they will be turning lights off in areas periodically for short periods of time.

What to expect:

--Lights will be off from 10-15 minutes at a time.
--Only part of a floor will be off at any time, at no time will an entire floor be dark.
--Lights will be the only thing affected, power to outlets/computers should not be affected.
--Signs will be posted to alert patrons of the outages.

Areas and the days they will be affected this week:

Sub-Basement Level: Tuesday, 7/24
Basement Level: Wednesday, 7/25
4th Floor: Thursday, 7/26
5th Floor: Friday, 7/27

Thank you all for your help and patience through this process. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Kristia


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