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"Route to: ...?"

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Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has had a fun-filled winter break! :) This is just a friendly reminder to those who do Get-It's, Opening at the B-Desk, and anyone who check in books and a hold sheet prints out:

Please double-check the "Route To:__" at the top of the page of each Hold Slip that prints out for a hold book. At opening, it is the B-desk's duty to clear off any books on the Hold Shelf that is past the "End Hold Date" on the Hold Slip and check it back into our system so that other patrons can get access to it. However, I've been finding books that was supposed to be sent to a patron/professor's office & placed on the Hold Shelf.

If it says, "Route to: Walter Sci/Eng Library", please proceed to write down the last name, first name on top of the Hold slip, along with the "End Hold Date", and place the book on the hold shelf.

If it says, "Route to: My Twin Cities campus office", you may notice that it doesn't have an "End hold Date" like the frequent Hold Slips/Get-It slips we receive. Please place the book in a white bag with the patron/professor's address (that is on the Hold Slip) on a white sticker, secure it with two rubber bands, and place the wrapped book in the mail box to be shipped out. The materials for this are on the shelf behind the basement desk by the paper cutter.

Please do NOT put "Route to: My TC campus office" books on the hold shelf along with the others that says "Route to: Walter Sci/Eng Library", otherwise it might be checked back into the library (along with the other books that were not picked up) without ever reaching the patron's office. :"(

Many thanks in advance!
Gao Yang


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