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Hold slips!

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Hey everyone!
I've been finding hold books with slips that belong to Walter coming back from other libraries! Oh no! :( This is just a friendly note to remind you guys that once a hold sheet prints for the book you checked in at the circulation desk, please shelf the book onto the hold shelf, not into the mail bin, as soon as possible/you are available. These are the few events where a patron comes in for their book (that is on hold at Walter Library) and you're in a sticky situation because can't find it on the hold shelf. :(

Also, if the hold slip says "My Twin Cities Campus Office" instead of "Walter Sci/Eng" on top of the page, then it needs to be in a white plastic bag (by the mail office), labeled with the patron's address on the front (securely discard the hold slip afterwards), wrapped with two rubber bands (by Amy's, Priscilla's, & Tim's mailboxes), and placed into the mail bins to be shipped out. These books cannot be shipped out in mail just with the hold slip inside (I found one in the mail box from Walter [us] today).

Many thanks in advance!

Gao Yang & everyone else who does mail :)


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