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Hours! Let's swap!

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Hey everyone, now that our summer schedules are finished, I need to get a few shifts covered.

Week of June 13-19
I'm going out of town for an engagement party/bridal shower, and I really need Sunday the 19th from 12-6 covered. I can swap, but only for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday night hours.

This isn't as crucial, but I'd also LOVE to switch Thursday shifts with someone on the 16th. I'm scheduled 12-9 but I want to trade it for an opening shift and head out of town that night if someone would be willing.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, so I can buy my bus ticket, or notify the bride-to-be that I am unable to attend.

Week of June 20-26
Sunday the 26th is my birthday, and again I work 12-6. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, but I can swap for Mon/Tues/Wed night, Thursday morning, or any time on Friday.

Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone!

One of my friends from Duluth is moving to Los Angeles in June, and a few of my friends are trying to make it up for a weekend to see her off! I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out by taking my hours.

I work 12-6 PM on Sunday, June 12th. It's an open and close shift, but it's easy and all at the desks.

I know it's pretty far in advanced, but I need to know as soon as possible so I can start planning my trip. Please let me know if you can take my shift, and of course I am willing to swap!



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