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Taylor: June 2011 Archives

July 21, 24, 25

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Once again, I have a weekend I need to go out of town. My boyfriend's sister is getting married in Wisconsin and I really need these covered. I'll swap sometime in that pay period.

Thursday July 21 12-9pm. This is not as crucial, but I could switch shifts that day as long as I was done by 3 or 4 so I could still catch the megabus. If not, I'll settle for leaving Friday morning.

But I really need these two covered:
Sunday July 24 12-6 pm
Monday July 25 7:45-5 pm

I think I'll try to come back to Minneapolis on Monday morning, so I could try to switch and take an evening shift, or a few hours after 4.

I'll put them on the board, and online when available. Let me know! I'll owe you big time!


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