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Hey all,

I was just writing to tell you that I recently posted my shift for Thursday, October 13th on the WhentoWork tradeboard. It is the closing hours of that evening, from 8pm-12midnight at the Basement Desk. I would very much appreciate anybody that can help me out that evening, as I have tickets to an event for that night only.

It might be midterm time by then, so won't you be in the library studying anyway? And being at the end of the week, Thursday nights are some of the quietest. Thank you so much in advance and I hope your semesters are all going swimmingly!


Campus Connectors/Circulators

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Hey students!

Have you seen all the construction around campus w/r/t the new Central Corridor Light Rail System? If you have, you're probably wondering how the old Campus Connectors and Circulators are running these days. Well have no fear!

With this handy guide put together for your convenience by the U of M Parking and Transportation Services, you should have no problem navigating the treacherous thoroughfares of academia!

Here's to hoping this post finds you in high health and good spirits, and I wish you the very best in your scholarly endeavors and academic pursuits.



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