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engel356: March 2012 Archives

Hourly Gate Counts

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You'd be an April Fool if you didn't start recording gate counts on Sunday, April 1st, and for the rest of the week. There's a little reminder at the bottom of your screen for just such an occasion.

So don't forget!

Monday, April 2nd

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So it's my girlfriend's birthday a week from Monday, and I would like to surprise her and take her out, but oh no I work!

If someone could help me out with this, I would be really appreciative. We are a little short that day, so any hours you could pick up would help. Even if you work that day, if you could stay a little later and take a couple hours, I would very much appreciate that. I am at the 2nd desk from 5-6pm and the Basement desk from 8-12midnight. A few hours helps! Comment if you have questions. Hours on the tradeboard!



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