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engel356: May 2012 Archives

The minutes tick by
Feet tread the lonely pathway
Please take the gate counts

Just a reminder to take the gate counts every hour, on the hour through Saturday, June 2nd.

Gate counts

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Hi all,
I just wanted to add an addendum to Amy's Gate count post. As someone that opens or closes the library, it is part of your job to take the gate counts. I know in the May/Summer terms your schedule changes every few weeks, but if you are opening the library or are at the desk at 6, please put it in your mind that part of your procedure is to take the gate counts. After you empty the 24-hour bin or before you open the 2nd floor doors, take the gate counts. Especially on the weekend since no one is here to remind you.

Also, if the numbers on the gate aren't changing, you need to make sure the gate is plugged in. The Gate on the 2nd floor North side is plugged in under the Reference side of the 2nd floor desk, so pay attention to the numbers! If they don't change you need to plug the gate back in securely.

This is just a reminder. The gate counts come down to me to reporting, and if I don't have everybody's help, that makes my job all the harder.


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many gate counts of forgotten yore.
While I sat at my computer, there came a student and a tutor,
A professor, a commuter, right on through the gates before.
"Tis half past three," I muttered, "And nothing more,"
"I'll take the counts again at four."

'Tis just a reminder to please take the hourly gate counts starting Sunday, May 6th through Saturday, May 12th. Thank you so much!


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