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golie006: July 2011 Archives

I would very much like it if someone could take my shift on Saturday, July 23rd. 10:45-6, all sitting at a desk. Some of my high school friends just contacted me about joining their kickball team for a tournament in my hometown. The tournament is part of a benefit in memory of a young girl that passed away from cancer last fall and being that I am from a very small town (everybody knows everybody), it's a pretty big deal for everyone to go home and get involved! So I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help me out, I'm always willing to trade or take someone's shift when possible!


Shifts next week

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Hi everybody!
I just wanted to see if anyone would be able to take any of my shifts next week, July 11th- 15th. I am going on vacation with my family, so I really need those shifts covered. I am willing to drop them or trade, and am also available nights and weekends if anyone wants some days off! The shifts are on the tradeboard, so if you're able to help me out I would really appreciate it! Just let me know so I can get those 3 shifts all figured out. Thanks so much!


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