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Rosie: October 2010 Archives

Printer at the 2nd floor desk

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So I print something out today and nothing went but I shut the printer off and turn it back on. Then two request came up and I was able to find one book for one of the hold slip but not the another. The trick to get the printer to work if it does not print, is to shut it off, wait a second, then turn it back on. It SHOULD work. If not call one of the supervisor. The funny thing is the hold slip that I can't find the book for, well the name of the patron use to be my old roommate.. small world.

Sunday Oct 17th

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So I was planning a trip back home next weekend and I'm looking for someone to take my 12 to 6pm shift on Sunday. I will try to take a shift for someone but my schedule are pretty busy.


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