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Mary Blissenbach: November 2009 Archives

Shelving Accuracy

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This last week, shelving accuracy was checked. The goal for the U of M libraries to meet is 98%. Currently in Walter library, we are at 85%.

I would like everyone to go over LCEasy again as a review. When you have scored 100% on the quiz in LCEasy, please print it off and put it in Mary's box. Please do LCEasy in your next Shelving hour before you start to shelve. If you do not have any shelving hours scheduled, please work on LCEasy at the desk when you are able to. If you have any questions please talk to Mary.

Thank you

You may have seen the green "It all adds up" stickers on campus and wondered what it was about. The University of Minnesota is committed to reduce annual campus energy usage by 5 percent by the end of 2010. A 5 percent reduction will save the University $2.25 million each year and result in 25,000 fewer tons of CO_2 being released into the atmosphere. The libraries are taking an active part in this goal and looking at ways to reduce what we use here. The Greening the Libraries project purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint, foster an eco-friendly workplace, and support the University's goals and objectives in this area.

If you have ideas, please let us know or pass it on to the Greening the Libraries committee at They would love to hear ideas that you have.


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