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Mary Blissenbach: July 2010 Archives

The schedules for Summer Break are ready to be picked up in Mary's office. This schedule will start on Friday, August 6. We have worked out a week by week schedule, so keep an eye on the days assigned.

Shelving Updates

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I understand that the shelving is a bit chaotic right now, but I just wanted to go over a few reminders for standard practice when shelving.

-If the item does not fit on the shelf bring the item back to Mary. I need to know that the area needs to be shifted. Do not just leave the book on top of the books on the shelf.

-Watch the call numbers of ends of shelves. Currently with the bottom shelf missing, the item you need to shelve may belong there. If you think that it might, bring it back to be held to be shelved later after the bottom shelves are replaced. We could end up with VERY MESSY STACKS if books are shelved on the 2nd to bottom row when they belong on the bottom row. Take your time and watch the call numbers.

Thank you for all the hard work everyone has been doing. Remember these tips and we should continue to do well.

Get It Searches

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Thank you everyone for your hard work in paging the Get It Requests. I just want to remind everyone that when an item is not found to please mark on the sheet NOS for Not On Shelf and place the slip in Mary's box. Also right now with the extra places to look for items, if you are not able to locate the item due to the location being on a bottom shelf or from a stack that has been moved, please make that note on the slip. The extra notes on the slips help me with my follow up searches.

Also, there are sheets by the shelving recording sheet that lists what call numbers are down each aisle. Also listed on the sheet is a break down of what call numbers are in 204, 206, 208, Basement, and Sub-Basement. If you have questions, please ask.



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