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Mary Blissenbach: October 2011 Archives

Shelving to Date

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This graph shows where we are at with shelving since July 1, 2011. Keep up the awesome work!

Journals 1303
208 2016
Books 5831
Reference 272
Pick Up 1964
Thesis 19
Popular 54

Total for Year 11405

Schedule Updated

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The When to Work Schedule has been updated to add in shifts for new staff for the rest of the semester. Please look over your assigned shifts to make sure your are working the correct times. It is possible that I copied a week that you were filing in for someone and then now it looks like you have an assigned shift that time for the rest of the semester. Making these changes may also have tweaked the TradeBoard a bit, so please check there to make sure your shifts are still posted. If you have any concerns, please let a supervisor know.


Perfect Shelving!

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Another two weeks of amazing shelving! Treats are here today to celebrate. Keep up the super work! This is a great way to start off the semester. I hope the momentum lasts.


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