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Mary Blissenbach: November 2011 Archives

Shelving Updates

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We have been doing an awesome job of keeping up with shelving. Way to go! I have a few reminders for everyone.

When shelving if the item does not fit on the shelf, please bring it back to Mary. That lets me know where shifting needs to be done. Also keep an eye on the book ends. Sometimes the book end needs to be loosened or tightened to make sure books are standing properly and not to tight on the shelf.

Lastly, if there is nothing to shelve and you are assigned to shelve, please check with a supervisor on what should be done or proceed to Shelf Reading. Shelf Reading is an important tool with helping the stacks be user friendly and up to date. Lost items have been found at times and we can then remove the Missing Status.

Thank you for your help in maintaining order in the stacks. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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