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Mary Blissenbach: June 2012 Archives

Today you will notice a new slip for Pick Up. With the Journal Shifting project complete and journals no longer in Room 208 some edits have been made to the Pick Up Slip.

There is now only one slip that will be used all the time. Currently when you are assigned to Pick Up both 2nd Floor and Basement levels it will be much easier with just one slip to deal with. If you are assigned to just Pick Up 2 or just Pick Up B,S,F you will only fill out the needed information and leave the rest blank. There is no need to write a zero or dash in the space when you don't find any items for that section or are not assigned to pick up on that area.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Great job on all the shelving all year. Below is a graph that charts out the shelving from July 20111 to present. Thank you for all your hard work all year long.

Journals 3716
208 items 4395
Books 15913
Reference 776
Pick Up 4601
Popular Reading 171
Thesis 85

Shelving 2011.12.png

Journal Update

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The journal shifting project has finished. Today we are posting the printed end stack cards. Now all the journals are located on Levels B and SB. The records in Aleph and MNCat also reflect that change. When organizing trucks to shelve all the journals, bound and unbound can be placed on one truck. Also all the journals can be kept on the shelves behind the hold shelf. We do not need to separate the bound and unbound journals.

If you have any questions, please ask.

The problem that we encountered last week with CybraryN has been fixed. There should be no problems creating guest cards now. If you have any problems, please let a supervisor know.


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