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Matthew Pekuri: November 2009 Archives

We tabulated the results and some of you may be curious to know that Wednesday last week was the most popular day to study and do research in Walter Library, with 5,256 visits that day alone. Saturday was the least popular day with 868 visits. Most people came around the lunch hour. We had 356 visits at 12 PM and 370 visits at 1 PM. Thanks for all your hard work and good job with the consistent gate counts! Tune into the blog next time for more exciting, fascinating gate stats!

Poor Book

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Jon Jeffreys found this in the stacks in this condition. That's not normal wear and tear! More like excessive tear and tear. I'm trying to fathom why anyone would do this. Mentally deranged or very angry. Sniff.

An update now on the earlier post about Walter Gate Counts. The previous record for most gate counts in a month was October 2008 with 95,873. Well, I've just tallied this last October and the result is.....

(Drum roll)

And we smashed the record with 105,188! Huzzah! That's a lot of people coming into the library! Tuesday took over as the busiest day with an average of 5,169 visits. Thanks to everyone for the diligent gate counts!


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