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Sorry guys...

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Hey everyone, sorry to post for more hours needing to be taken, but senior year is nuts...

I have an interview in Wisconsin next Wednesday, and its pretty much the only day I could schedule it for, so if someone could step up and take my 7:45-9:00am shift that would be fantastic. I do want to get a job, so I should probably go :)

And Sunday, December 12th is still available, so I can do graduation stuff!

Sorry again for the numerous hours I need off...but they are definitely important dates.


More hours!

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Hey everyone,

So I know everyone is sick of this whole hour replacement junk, but I wanted to get this on here early before its the week off and nobody has taken my shift! I really can't come in on Sunday December 12th, 6-midnight. I am graduating that afternoon and my family is coming until Monday. We have dinner reservations and all that fun stuff. So if someone could take the hours that'd be really awesome. Great final study time ;)



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