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Priscilla Pope: November 2009 Archives

Materials placed on the RESERVE shelves behind our circulation desk should always have labeling that distinguishes them from non-reserve materials.

DVDs and VHS tapes will have a RESERVE sticker and a length of loan sticker. The length of loan sticker will usually say either 2 Hour Loan, No Overnight or 3 Hour Loan, No Overnight.

Once in a great while we might have a DVD or VHS tape that the instructor wants to circulate for 3 days or go out overnight after 4pm. Currently, we have one or two items with each of these rare loan periods on the RESERVE shelves. I have placed additional marking on these rarer loan period items, green tape to signal 3 day loan and length of loan stickers saying Overnight loan OK.

RESERVE books also have these additional markings to distinguish them from books shelved in the regular collection. You will find RESERVE stickers on the spine and/or blue or green tape to signal 2 hour loan or three day loan.

If a patron tells you an item without these markings belongs on the RESERVE shelves please show the item to Priscilla before placing it there.


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