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Priscilla Pope: June 2010 Archives

EDHD 5009 has requested the DVD "The Color of Fear" be placed on reserve but available for a 3 day loan to students. We have the ability to keep a closer watch on its use down here. Let me know if it is gone for longer than 3 days for one patron.


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When checking in the daily mail be sure to look at each HOLD SLIP to determine if the item should be routed either to the patron's office, the Smart Learning Commons or our Basement Circ Hold Shelf. We have recently found several items that should have been routed to the patron's campus office or the Smart sitting on our hold shelf.

The 3 routing possibilities are: Route to: My TC Campus Office, or TC Walter Library (for the Smart) or Walter Sci/Eng Library (for our hold shelf).

Place items being routed to a TC Campus Office in the white, heavy duty plastic bags and label with the campus address listed on the hold slip. You may then place this bag back in the mail bin and it will be routed to campus mail to be delivered to the campus office of the requester.

If you are handing off mail to be finished at the desk don't forget to tell the staff helping about these special items.

Mail is not as simple as it seems, especially when it is a huge shipment and you are interrupted by patron's wanting to pick up items they just received an email about.
If you have any suggestions about improving the mail process please let us know.

Check out the new Library Course Page and let us know what you think. This is a "soft" roll-out which means we have time this summer to use the course page and make comments about potential improvements before fall semester. Our course reserves are listed via this tool now.


If you want to access the old course reserve catalog you can click on MNCat Classic and on the left menu bar you will find the link to the TC Course Reserves Catalog.


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