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Priscilla Pope: October 2010 Archives


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Chem 1021-1022 has a new item on Reserve. It is a Custom Solutions Manual.

The manual is divided into sections. The call number includes the chapter numbers to help the students get the section of the manual needed.

For example, Chem 1021 uses QD33.2 .S55 Chpt. 1-7 and QD33.2 .S55 Chpt.8-12/15.

Take a look at the course page for each class to become familiar with the call numbering.


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When an instructor places material on RESERVE that is not the kind of thing the library would ordinarily buy for library use I often give the item a funny call number.

We now have a DVD here which is to be used for a class Midterm in CSCL/SCMC 1201. There are 10 copies of the same film clip.

Students must use the DVD in the Library and there is NO OVERNIGHT usage as is typical of DVD's. It has a 2 hour loan period but the student can check it out again if needed.

The call number is listed on the course reserves page but here it is too:

X CSCL/SCMC 1201 Clip.

All X call numbered items are at the end of the RESERVE call number range. Ask for locational help if needed.


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