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Priscilla Pope: February 2011 Archives

Unique DVD Due DATE

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The Smart Learning Commons is circulating the DVD Bombay as a one day loan for the rest of the semester. This is the only DVD in the Smart to have this shortened loan period, as of now. This is a special arrangement to accommodate the viewing needs of a large class that has to watch this rather lengthy film.

There are also two copies of Bombay on DVD in the reserve collection which circulate for 3 hours and like all of our other reserve DVD/VHS, can not be taken out overnight.


Because Reserve items are potentially in high demand, they can not be renewed over the phone.

We have had several instances recently of patrons calling to renew the RESERVE item they have checked out. We do not allow this.

The patron should be instructed to return to the Circulation Desk and if no one else has been asking to use the item they may recheck it out again. An item that you think is only being requested by one person can suddenly be in high demand due to a recent assignment.

If a patron is having a medical emergency or an extenuating circumstance and calls to ask you to renew a RESERVE item, have them speak with a supervisor who will determine what to do about this request.

Thank you.


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Just a reminder since we are getting close to a busy time for RESERVE DVD/VHS usage---

***************DVD/VHS --- CAN NOT BE CHECKED OUT OVERNIGHT!!*****************

You must tell the user that the item is due in 3 hours even if Aleph is not registering the correct due time. Tell them the item MUST BE USED IN THE LIBRARY!

It is best if you can estimate the 3 hour due time exactly and tell the patron the exact due time. (do not tell them the computer is not working, they can figure out they won't get fined and this is our only recourse if someone will not listen).

If there is a test or paper due and many students have to watch this film we can not have people taking films out overnight., not even if they promise to return it the next morning. They might get sick or the teacher may be coming at 8 am to take it to class and you do not know this.

If you do not find a VHS/DVD on the shelf at some point and it has been gone too long let me know, I will have to track it down.

We are working with the instructor to ensure that all students have access to the reserve materials and this can be a tricky job at times. I appreciate all of your efforts to make this work!


Tex Ostvig, from the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, will be doing a training for the Peer Research Consultants called "Learning and Leadership." This is an opportunity to foster our student workers development as ambassadors for the University Libraries. We have spots for fifteen students to participate.

Learning and Leadership
Tex Ostvig, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence
Monday, February 21, 2011
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Room 310, Walter Library

As we learn and live, leadership is all around us. Our session will focus on where does leadership come from? How do we develop it? And, what do we do next?

If you are interested let Priscilla or Amy know ASAP.

New Reserve Item

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We have a series of articles that are listed under the call number X Psy 4501. Refer to the title list located on the shelves by these materials to determine which article is needed.

Toner Scams

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Please do not give out any information regarding library equipment to someone who randomly calls our library circulation desk number. There are people who pretend to be a vendor and state that they need equipment information for an inventory, survey, service call, or a mixed up supply order. They may be very pushy and threaten to contact a supervisor if you don't comply. All of this is done to erroneously bill the library for toner, etc that we would not order through these people.

We purchase our toner via University contracts and the UStores. A legitimate vendor knows whom to contact in the libraries regarding equipment and supplies. You can tell the person that they can speak with your supervisor and transfer the call to Amy, Priscilla, Mary or Tim. If we are not in the office transfer the call anyway and they can leave a voice message. (They will probably hang up at this point).


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