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Priscilla Pope: December 2011 Archives

When our public equipment malfunctions, e.g. copiers, printers, value port or microfiche printer, there are preprinted OUT OF ORDER signs that staff should use after verifying the equipment does not work and you are unable to fix the problem.

The sign allows you to specify the problem with the equipment, the date the service call was placed and your initials. These are important details for users and other staff to know to understand the nature of the problem with the equipment and when it might be back in service.

If you are not trained in how to place a service call, place an OUT OF ORDER sign on the equipment with an explanation of the problem and let your supervisor know immediately that a machine is out of order.

If the malfunction occurs in the evening or on a weekend when a supervisor is not available, place an OUT OF ORDER sign on the equipment with a clear description of the problem and email your supervisors/leave a voice mail message so they know to check on the equipment when they arrive the next day. Indicate on the OUT OF ORDER sign the date your supervisor was notified.

Following this procedure will ensure that equipment is fixed as soon as possible.


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