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Upcoming Saturday Shifts!!!

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Hey all,
I have come to the realization that my first three Saturday shifts of the semester (I work 3-9) are on days that I am at least partially unable to here's the lowdown. The 21st, I have some Get Out the Vote training from 5-7:30, right here on campus. So if someone were able to take the 4:45-7:45 part of my day, that would be fantastic. The 28th, I have an extremely important grad school test that I signed up for months ago that starts at noon. It happens to be a 4 hour test, so I wouldn't get back here til about 4:30 at the earliest, if someone could cover the 3-4:30 part of my shift. And finally, the week after that, Feb. 4th, I planned on going home for a friend's birthday. So please, let me know if you can take these little shifts, or if you want the whole thing, that's fine with me as well. I'm willing to trade for any Friday or Sunday shifts as well!!!



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