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Beth Wagner: January 2010 Archives

FREE shifts!!!! (ha ha)

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Hey y'all!

I just put in my two week notice, and I need some shifts covered! I need as many taken as possible -- even a couple hours any day would help me out a bunch!! Also, I REALLY need my weekday shifts taken more than my Sunday shift.

Tuesday (Feb 2) 4-8 pm *
Thursday (Feb 4) 7:45-10 am
Sunday (Feb 7) 12-6 pm
Tuesday (Feb 9) 4-8 pm *
Thursday (Feb 11) 7:45-10 am

*I've also got an organization that I'm a part of that has meetings from 6-7 these days in Walter Library, so if someone could just cover that hour that would be awesome!

These shifts are also permanently up for grabs, so just let a supervisor know if you want 'em for the rest of the semester!

I've had a blast working with you all!! Thanks for all the fun times. Hope to see you around!


Hello lovely, kind, and ever so helpful co-workers!

I recently got accepted at another job, and so I will need to permanently get rid of my weekday shifts because they will overlap with my other job. Please take a look at these two short shifts, imagine all the green you could be rolling in, and let me know if you can help me out!

Tuesday 4-8pm
Thursday 7:45-10am



permanent shift swap!

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Hello beautiful co-workers!

I would like to permanently swap a shift, or part of my shift if anyone is interested! Right now I'm signed up for a 6pm-12pm shift on Monday night, which is extremely difficult with an 8am class the next day... If someone wants to take 9-12pm or the whole shift, please let me know. I'm free to swap for any shifts that are between:

Tuesday - 4-12pm
Thursday - 4- 12pm
Friday - 2-6pm
Saturday - ?? ...negotiable...

OR if you would like to just take the last 3 hours of my shift and not swap at all, that is totally cool too. Let me know! Thanks!



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