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nels6731: June 2011 Archives

Hey all, so my mom and brother (who are from way out of town) are coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. They will be here on Tuesday, June 28th and I would really like someone to cover my shift for me from 1-5 that day. It's been on the tradeboard for a while, so anyone can grab it. I've picked up pretty much all of the shifts on there that I am able to, but I would definitely owe you one.

Also, not as crucial, but I work all weekend during Pride, and I'd really like to have Sunday, June 26th off so I can volunteer with people at my internship to staff a booth there, and see the parade of course. My shift that day is from 12-6.

Thanks in advance,


I know this is crazy short notice, but I was sick last Thursday, and my teacher will only let me make up the quiz I missed on Monday at 12:30 (and the class is in St. Paul.) I'm unfortunately scheduled to work 10:00-1:00 on that day, so if someone could cover like from 11:45-1:00 that would help me out so much. If you want the whole shift that's fine, its just really pretty crucial that I get that part covered, its a pretty big chunk of my grade.




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