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Welcome back from Spring Break everyone. While your tans begin to fade again, and you trade in the flip-flops for wool socks, the season of hourly gate counts comes upon us once again.

Please take the gate counts at the top of every hour starting this Sunday, March 29th!
Thanks, Tim

Please take the hourly gate counts starting this Sunday, January 25th. And Happy Spring Semester!

Gracias, danke, merci, grazi, takk, thank you.

We wish you a merry gate counts
We wish you a merry gate counts
We wish you a merry gate counts
And a happy finals week!

Congratulations on making it through the semester, and please remember that hourly gate counts start this Sunday and run through Saturday.

This is a repost from last year because I am lazy! Muahahahahahaha!

"Now that you've all done your monster-mashing and graveyard smashing, its time for everybody's REAL favorite time of year. Hourly Gate Counts Season!

Running from Sunday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 6th, the 2014 Gate Count Season is almost upon us. So while you're sipping your gate count flavored coffees and playing games like bobbing for gate counts, please don't forget to record the gate counts every hour.

Because before you know it, Gate Count Season will be over! :'-( And you don't want to miss out on the action!"

I got a bad case of the Fall Semesters, and the only prescription is MORE GATE COUNTS!

Hourly gate counts start Sunday, September 21st and run through Saturday. Please remember to take the gate counts at the top of every hour! Any questions can be directed to Amy or Tim. Thanks!

Gate Counts A Palooza

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It's the dog days of summer, which means it's that time again. Time for Gate Counts-A-Palooza! Games, rides, tickets, a giant stuffed panda that you can't possibly carry all day.
Ok, well, none of that stuff. But you still get to collect those fabulous gate counts!

Sunday, August 17th through Saturday August 23rd.

Stay cool out there my book worms,


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Gate counts start THIS Sunday, July 6th and run through Saturday, July 12th.

That is all. At ease troops. And Happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!

It's dangerous to go alone, take an hourly gate count with you!

Starting this Sunday, June 8th, please take the hourly gate counts through Saturday, July 14th. Thanks so much!

You have the right to take hourly gate counts.
Any counts you take can and will be used for planning .
You have the right to a gate count sheet.
If you cannot afford a gate count sheets, one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights as they have been written for you?

I think you'll find, if you cooperate, however, things will be much easier for you. Gate counts start Sunday, May 11th and end Saturday, May 17th. Watch your head.

Attention Students!

Gate counts are happening once again this weekend. I apologize for having almost back to back instances of hourly gate counts, but alas, it must happen.

Please remember to take the gate counts once an hour every hour we are open starting this Sunday, April 6th through Saturday, April 12th. Please and many thank yous!



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