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Attention Students!

Gate counts are happening once again this weekend. I apologize for having almost back to back instances of hourly gate counts, but alas, it must happen.

Please remember to take the gate counts once an hour every hour we are open starting this Sunday, April 6th through Saturday, April 12th. Please and many thank yous!


I whistled for a pen, and clipboard in hand,
I went and took the counts like my supervisor demands.
The counts were so high that I couldn't believe,
and I though, 'nah forget it, it's almost time to leave!'

I. Pulled. Into the library about seven forty five,
Feeling so tired I was barely alive.
I looked at my kingdom, it was not too shabby,
To sit on my throne, at the Walter Library.

[We have two week of hourly gate counts coming up pretty close to each other. Starting this Sunday, 3/23, remember your hourly gate counts every hour, on the hour. Thanks!]

Listen to a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
Now I'd like to take a minute just sit on down
And I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a Hourly Gate Counts.

Southeast Minneapolis, born and raised,
In the library is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out, reading, shelving all cool,
Helping check out books inside of the school.

When a couple of guys, who never were here
Started showing up upstairs and everywhere
I counted two gates a day and my supervisor got scared
He said you're taking the Gate Counts every hour, and that's fair.

To be continued...

Hey everybody!

Are you ready for wall-to-wall action? Can you handle the excitement dripping from every raw, action-packed moment? Are you ready for your eyelids to melt like Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Then you have to check out this week's HOURLY GATE COUNTS. It's the most extreme new... thing. Starting this Sunday check out the outrageous gate counts every hour, from 12/15-12/21! You won't believe your eyes! Extreme!

Hourly Gate Counts Week

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Now that you've all done your monster-mashing and graveyard smashing, its time for everybody's REAL favorite time of year. Hourly Gate Counts Season!

Running from Sunday, November 3rd to Saturday, November 9th, the 2013 Gate Count Season is almost upon us. So while you're sipping your gate count flavored coffees and playing games like bobbing for gate counts, please don't forget to record the gate counts every hour.

Because before you know it, Gate Count Season will be over! :'-( And you don't want to miss out on the action!

Every hour, someone in the United States is diagnosed with Gate Count-Related Amnesia. Luckily there is a way you can help.

By taking the gate count every hour, you can help fight for a cure against Gate Count-Related Amnesia. For every gate count you record, Tim Engelstad will personally donate one six-digit number to IADS Stats, a gate count-related department at the University of Minnesota. Together, we can help fight the cause of Gate Count-Related Amnesia.

Remember to attend the Fun Run Walk for the Numbers all week, September 22nd-28th. The walk will take place in a 10ft loop from the Circ desk to the security gates.


Hi all,

Please remember to take the hourly gate counts starting this Sunday, August 11th through Saturday, August 18th. Hope everyone is having a great summer, it's almost up!

Thanks, Tim

Step right up, ladies and germs!

Step right up to the line. Every play is a winner! Win your lovely lady or handsome gent a prize! The game is Hourly Gate Counts. One play an hour, every hour! Three gates wins you a lovely stuffed giraffe. Step right up and try your luck!

And remember to come back all week, from 7/7-7/13!

What's the deal with gate counts? It's not like you're going out and counting all of the gates. There's no counting at all. And how can you call them gates, when you can walk right through them? It's ridiculous! [laughter]

Hourly gate counts start this Sunday, June 9th and run through Saturday the 15th. Thanks for taking them!

Newman... ಠ_ಠ

I am Jack's lateral intraparietal area. I control Jack's sense of time. In an hour, I will tell Jack to take the gate counts. In another hour, I will tell Jack to take the gate counts again. All in all, Jack will take the gate counts once an hour from 8am to 12midnight every day from Sunday, May 12th, to Saturday, May 18th.

If you are at working at Walter Library on those days, will you remind your human to take the gate counts every hour? I hope you will! Thanks!




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