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Hours: October 2010 Archives

Hey Ladies and Gents

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Another lovely episode of 'please take my shift', brought to you by me. So, I put on the board about a month ago to see if someone could take my shift on this Sunday. And lucky you, its still available! But for real, if someone could take it that would be great. Micah and I have been both having a bit of difficulty getting out of working our 6-midnight shifts on Sunday, and really they are a good shift, not much going on and an EXCELLENT time for homework and studying. And its really not that late, if thats what everyone is worried about. I will give you an energy drink if you think it is. Anywho, I am going home this weekend because I have an interview for a post-graduation job, which is uber important, and it would just be great not to be rushed this weekend.

SO, if anyone wants to take it, that'd be way awesome.

p.s. -- Sunday Oct 24th, 6-midnight.

ALL buildings on the Northrop Mall, including Walter Library, will be closed for President Obama's visit on Saturday, October 23. You do not need to report to work on this day if you are normally scheduled for Saturday's.
Thanks, Amy


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