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Library Related: July 2009 Archives

Just a reminder that if you open the 2nd Floor Desk M-F please prop open the new security doors at 8:00am. The doors are on both sides of the hallway that lead to staff office area. As you are walking into the hallway toward the staff offices, one door is immediately on your left prior to the stairs, and the other door is the opposite direction just past the restrooms. Use the alarm door key (W1) to disarm the alarm and prop them open. This key is on the 2nd Floor keyring. The security monitor will secure the doors at 6pm. The doors do not need to be propped open on the weekends. Also, there have been some questions about opening SMART (Room 204) in the mornings. We should be propping open these doors every morning at opening (M-F and weekends). You can get into the room via the doorway from Room 206. Please let us know if you have questions. Thanks!


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