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EBSCO Databases

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Hey everyone! I've created a quick video and slideshow tutorial on how to use the Databases and Indexes for finding scholarly articles. I focused the presentation on EBSCO in particular, because I think the interface is pretty easy to learn. Most of you know how to use our databases, but those of you who don't, check out the video, so that when students ask you at the desk about them you'll be able to help them. You can find the video in the training section, or click here.


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Custodians will be cleaning carpets & floors in the building on Friday night and Saturday morning before noon.

Friday night:
Hallway by loading dock
Foundation Level

Saturday Morning:
2nd Floor Office Hallway


Students in Phys 1102, College Physics, have been asking if we have the Solutions Manual on reserve for the textbook College Physics: a strategic approach.

We are unable to place the Solutions Manual on Reserve due to a Physics department agreement with the publisher limiting the use of this text. Students may buy the Manual in the bookstore.


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