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Library Related: February 2011 Archives

Toner Scams

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Please do not give out any information regarding library equipment to someone who randomly calls our library circulation desk number. There are people who pretend to be a vendor and state that they need equipment information for an inventory, survey, service call, or a mixed up supply order. They may be very pushy and threaten to contact a supervisor if you don't comply. All of this is done to erroneously bill the library for toner, etc that we would not order through these people.

We purchase our toner via University contracts and the UStores. A legitimate vendor knows whom to contact in the libraries regarding equipment and supplies. You can tell the person that they can speak with your supervisor and transfer the call to Amy, Priscilla, Mary or Tim. If we are not in the office transfer the call anyway and they can leave a voice message. (They will probably hang up at this point).

Reserves books

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I have a quick tip for the new workers. When working at the 2nd floor desk, try to encourage students returning reserve books to return them to the basement circulation desk. Returning them to the basement circulation desk ensures the next user has access to the book right away. Staff at the basement Circ Desk may assume the book is still checked out when it is just sitting up at the 2nd floor desk.
thank you,
Rosie and Priscilla


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