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When you open the desk, remember to open both Cybrarian programs (one for unlocking accounts, the other for creating accounts.) And, when you launch the program for creating accounts, remember to choose "Open", and then select Z:/PATRNMGR.DBA. If all is working perfectly, the file will already be selected for you when you click "Open".

The reason why this is so important is that if you forget the "Open" step, the next time you try to create a new patron account, you'll only be saving that new account on your local machine. The new account won't work on any of our workstations.

In general, if you would like to learn more about Cybrarian and guest accounts, there's a binder at both desks that's really helpful and thorough. And of course, ask lots of questions!

Computer Support updated the program that we use to release an account that's locked because the user did not properly log out. The program used to be called "CybraryNet", but it is now "Cybrarian Remote".

To release someone's account:

-Open Cybrarian Remote
-Under the Actions menu, choose Edit Patron Usage
-Search by Internet ID (this is their x500 or their last name, which may still be a case-sensitive search)
-Select the patron in the Search Results section
-Click Reset Status

When a patron comes to the desk asking for a Guest Access Card, please remember to look them up first to see if they already have a card. One card per user!

If they already have a card in the system and it's expired you should extend the expiration date 6 months.

If they already have a card in the system but don't have the card with them you should print the barcode of their card so they can use it to log in. Do not issue another card.

Please ask if there are questions. Thanks!

CybraryN tip!

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Hey guys, just a reminder. When someone comes up to get a guest internet account, always make sure to click on "Find" and search for them first to make sure they don't already have an account set up. If they already have an account and have just lost the number, Tony has in the past advised copying and pasting their password/number onto a Word doc and printing it out for them. Just as long as we're not making duplicate accounts!


cybraryN.JPGCybraryN instruction notebooks have been placed at each of the desks.

In it you will find step-by-step instructions for logging onto CybraryN Patron Manager, Registering a New Guest User, how to deal with Lost of Forgotten Guest User Cards and more!

Please check out the new notebooks.


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