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Expired Patron Alert!

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Hello Circ Workers!

Ever run into an "expired" patron before? If you do, stop, drop, and follow these directions:

expired patron 2.jpg If you click on the "Renew" button from the Expired ID pop-up block, it will automatically reactive the account by extending the expiration date to 1 year from today and it will not be alerted. This can lead to a huge problem especially for Friends of the Library borrower accounts as they pay annual memberships to renew their account. If you run into an "expired" patron, it is usually someone who is not currently registered for classes or a Friend of the Library whose subscription has lapsed. Neither of these cases can be allowed to borrow books!

For Friends of the Library, a full time supervisor can renew the subscription for them, otherwise let the patron know that they need to be registered for the current semester to have library privileges. A lot of people will be graduating so this might come up!


Public printing will be down Sunday May 18 and possibly Monday May 19 so the vendor client & server software can be upgraded. Fee based printing will be unavailable throughout campus. Due to the timing of the upgrade it is expected to not have a significant impact to library users. Signs will be posted.

Tax Forms

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The libraries have a tax forms page HERE:

The page details local tax help and provides links to online tax form sources.

You can also do a library website search for tax forms and this will be the first link that comes up.


Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 9. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead!


While the public printer is out of order, you can refer students to the student computer lab in 103 Walter. Their Winter Break hours are 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. They are closed this weekend. This lab is only available to students. The best workaround for visitors would be to refer them to another library (Math, Architecture, Journalism) or Coffman Printing Services (basement level).

Hi all,
Just a reminder that from now (12/4) until 6pm Thursday December 19th, the study space on the 2nd floor will be open to patrons for 24 hours a day, around the clock. From 12midnight-8am we will be offering no services beyond a place to study. The 2nd floor desk will be staffed by security monitors only. Upon closing, wait at the 2nd desk to be replaced by the overnight monitor. You then have permission to leave

Also please be aware that the only space open is the 2nd floor Great Hall and 208 (the old periodicals room). SMART (204) and Reference (206) will close at midnight and re-open at 8am as usual. The stacks (B,S,F) will close at their usual times as well.

Thanks for remaining informed, and happy finals!

Hi! This is Charlie Heinz, one of the library assistants in Physical Sciences and Engineering. I just wanted to let you know that we rolled out (literally) new monitors that can be used to extend the screen of laptops and tablets. This can be useful for group work as well as individual study. Three of them are in the Great Hall, and one of them is located where the Peer Research Consultants sit. The monitors have cables for VGA, DVI, and HDMI hookup. Very soon, we'll have a connector kit available that you can loan to students at the 2nd floor desk. They will be in the same place as the headphones. These kits will have adapters for Macbooks and iPads.

You're bound to get questions at night or when few full-time staff are around. If you have any questions about these monitors, you will find a link posted on the monitor itself that goes to:

Also, if you see anyone using one, I'd love to hear what you observed. Were they working alone or in a group? What do you think they were working on? Don't be too nosy in your snooping though! :)

Daylight Savings Time Ends

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Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday at 2:00 AM. Don't forget to turn your clocks back!


Just a quick update. With the school year fully in session, printing has increased, and then some.

To keep track of how many printer and copier toner cartridges we are going through, if you will please date the sheet left in the cabinet at the 2nd floor desk every time you replace a cartridge. There are sections for the date, color (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow), whether it is the Printer or Copier, and your initials. If you have any questions about replacing a cartridge, please don't hesitate to ask a supervisor or full-time staff member.


Voter Registration! (FYI)

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During the past couple presidential and mid-term elections, the libraries actively participated in the U's voter registration drive. Because this is an off-year election, Cabinet has decided that we will participate by offering voter registration forms but WILL NOT be collecting the forms themselves.

* Forms will be available at participating service points through October 15th.

* Because we are keeping our participation at a minimum level, we will not be restocking forms at the desks. Once they are gone, people can be directed to the Secretary of State's website for a form to print out.


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