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News: June 2010 Archives


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A message from Kristia: Beginning Tuesday, July 6 Walter Library will experience vibrations. The vibrations are the result of drilling a manhole very close to the North West corner of the building, where there is a fenced area blocking the sidewalk. Work will be from 7am-6pm each day with the project expected to wrap up on July 9.

What you can expect:

1) Vibrations will be worst in the NW corner of the building and will lessen the farther you get from the corner
2) Vibrations are expected to be noticeable, but minor. The worst vibrations are expected to feel like someone is rolling a very heavy cart next to you.
3) Technicians with seismographs and other vibration monitoring equipment will be monitoring the building throughout the vibration.

Questions/Concerns? Contact me immediately. --Kristia

EDHD 5009 has requested the DVD "The Color of Fear" be placed on reserve but available for a 3 day loan to students. We have the ability to keep a closer watch on its use down here. Let me know if it is gone for longer than 3 days for one patron.

Contact List

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The contact list has been updated for the summer. A copy will be posted on the bulletin board and also available in the blog. If you would like to have a print copy for your self, you can print a copy at work from the blog. You can find the contact list under Staff Stuff


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