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Saturday Shift 4-9

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Since Walter Library is now open on Saturday, 10/23, that means we need staff to cover the hours. Right now the only hours that we need to cover are 4-9. If you are able to cover ANY part of this, please let me know ASAP. I leave at 3pm and need to know before I leave today what is going on.

So again, the hours to cover are 4-9, but 6-9 would help out too. We need a closer.

Well, 3pm has come and gone and no one has stepped up yet. If you are able to please call the main circulation desk or Tim so we can get this worked out tonight. :)


Walter Library will be OPEN on Saturday 10/23. The Obama rally has been re-located and will not affect Walter Library. We will be open our normal hours, 10am to 9pm.


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