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News: December 2010 Archives

Printing will be unavailable in the Libraries
January 3-7th.

If you need to print please visit a University of Minnesota Computer Lab. For a list of locations and hours please go to:


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Loans from SMART commons being checked out today are showing due 12/24/10. We are closed that day and will be closed for a week after that. Please extend loans today and the rest of the week if needed to 1/3/11. Please keep an eye on any SMART dvd loans and any other short term loans that are done so that the loan can be extended to 1/3/11. If you have any questions, please talk to a supervisor.

Lost and Found items emailed

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The lost and found cabinet has been gone through, and many patrons have been emailed about items that they may have left in the library. If anyone comes in saying that they have been emailed concerning an item in our lost and found (most of them books and notebooks) please check the box in the back cabinet that is labeled as such.

The box is just the top of a paper crate on the second shelf in the lost and found cabinet that says "These patrons have been emailed, etc, etc." The patron's name is on the front of each item on a yellow sticky-note. The patrons have been asked to pick up these items before we close for Winter Break.

Thanks for your cooperation!


To everybody working this weekend:

There is a reserve item at the basement desk for IE 5513 that will not be in MnCat this weekend, but is nonetheless available for 2-hour checkout.

The film "Fuel; Change Your Fuel... Change Your World" by Josh Tickell will be available at the basement desk for 2-hour, NO OVERNIGHT checkout. The film has no LC Call number, so it will be on top of the Circ cabinet at the basement desk (where the sensitizer/desensitizer is). It will be accompanied by a note with the same information found here. Expect students to come looking for it this weekend, the professor was very clear on this point.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Tim E.

Work will be starting soon on a project to pull older copies of journals to bring to storage. The copies that are being pulled all have on-line access. When helping at the desk, if a patron says that a call number set is not on the shelf, please check to see if the title is available electronically and refer to that. If you need help finding the on-line access for journals, please let a supervisor know.

Student staff will be hired to work on this temporary project and we may ask you, our current staff, to help with parts of it as well. The project will include pulling items from the stacks, bringing them to a room on First Floor, vacuuming the items, scanning the items and placing the items in a box. We have added a new key ring to the Basement Lock Box that has the keys for the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please talk to Mary.


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