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DVD and VHS that are on RESERVE in Walter Library DO NOT CIRCULATE OVERNIGHT.

These items can be in high demand when an assignment is given. To ensure that all students in need have the greatest access to them we must strictly adhere to the 3 hour check out period, with NO OVERNIGHT LOAN.

If no other student is asking to use a film and the current user would like to check it out for another 3 hour period that is OK.

Please refer any questions or concerns about this policy to Priscilla.

Hi All,

Just a reminder in the busy time of the semester to make sure you are checking out RESERVE items to students. All items that leave the RESERVE shelf must be checked out to students even if they will be "not even be leaving the library!" (that's kind of the point).

What with midterms and the end of term coming up, we need to know what RESERVE items have been checked out and what is available right now. We also need to make sure the items are coming back within two hours. All RESERVE items need to be checked out to students, otherwise we are asking for them to be stolen. Also please note, due to the high demand for these items, please do not check out an unreasonable number of RESERVE items to one patron. Students cannot read five books and watch three videos in the allotted 2 or 3 hours.



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Patrons must present a valid U Card to check-out headphones and other equipment from the desks. If they do not have a valid U Card they cannot borrow headphones or other equipment. Do not hold a Driver's License, Passport or anything else for "collateral". If they said they were allowed to do this in the past, explain to them they MUST have a valid U Card. Patron concerns may be referred to Amy L. or any other FT staff member.

You may be asked by patrons what the Libraries Food and Drink Policy is when you are working. Please review the policy so you are able to inform patrons.

Food and Drink Policy:

The University Libraries policies allow library users to have limited access to food and drink. Please respect the following guidelines:

--Beverage containers must have tops or lids (coffee cups with lids, twist top bottles, travel mugs).
--Do not bring in greasy, sticky, crumbly or aromatic foods.
--Use care when consuming food and drink while using computers and library materials.
--Dispose of food and drink containers in trash bins or recycling bins.
--Food residue attracts insects and rodents. Alert library staff about any spills or messes.
--The Libraries reserve the right to suspend these guidelines for special library events.
--Individuals failing to comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the library.
--Some library locations have unique or at-risk resources and may have additional food and drink restrictions. Consult with library staff if you have any questions.
--Several libraries have coffee shops and vending areas. We encourage you to consume food in those areas.

The Libraries Food and Drink Policy can be found HERE

There is a new Libraries-wide system for covering unexpected weekend absences at work.

Any student worker - this means YOU - who has to call in sick for your weekend shift is now required to call the designated Wilson Library number at 612-626-2054. Scheduling coverage will be handled through Wilson Library. Staff at Wilson Library will reassign staff to cover your absence.

This should be noted, this is for sudden or urgent absences only. The standard expectation is you will find coverage for your shift if you know in advance you will be unable to work.


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Hi students,

I just wanted to remind everybody that we do not lend out headphones or ANY item (books. periodicals, videos) to someone that does not have a valid UCard. Whether they have let their registration lapse or otherwise, never let someone take an item out if they do not have a valid Ucard.

In conclusion, we do NOT lend out items--even headphones--to people even if they offer a Driver's License or ID as collateral.


You Hold the KEY

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You are very important to our user's success in using the library effectively. Remember, you as Circulation staff are the first point of contact for people coming in to use library materials. Many of our patron's have never used a library before or this particular library, so it is important that you listen carefully to their questions.
They may not use the same words for what they want as we use or know what the library offers, so careful listening and probing questions can go a long way in providing what the user wants. It is our job to help them understand the materials and services the library provides. Ask a supervisor if you need help understanding the patron.

One crucial element to helping the user have a positive ongoing experience with the library is to tell them the due time and date when they check something out. Do not ever assume the user knows the due date. Every time you hand an item to the user, inform them of the due time and date. Patron's get upset when they receive an overdue fine because they were not told the due time, especially for RESERVE items which have large fines.

How else can you help patron's have a positive experience in the library? Circ staff, please respond.

Name Tags

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I know that it can be easy to wear your name tag to class after work, but please remember to bring it back. If you need a new one, please send Mary an email or respond to this post so one can be made. Thank you for those who have already indicated that a new one is needed.

Remember name tags are part of providing good customer service.

Can't find your name tag anywhere. You have looked all over and you think that your room mates, neighbors, dog ate it. No problem. Let Mary know and she will get you a new one.

Please send her an email or respond to this blog post if you need one.

Remember, name tags are part of the customer service that we offer in the library to identify library staff and name tags need to be worn at all times. This means you need to have on.

CybraryN Goes Live!

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Instructions for registering a new guest user can be found HERE

A valid government issued photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, state ID, school ID) is required.

The patron must sign the back of their card. By signing their card they agree to abide by the Terms of Service for Guest Access

To log in, the patrons last name is their username and the barcode on the front of their card is their password. After entering this information, they must select the "Guest" login button. Pressing the "Enter" key will NOT work.

The Public Workstation Access card provides 2-hours of computer access per day. If they want more than 2-hours they can join the Friends of the Library and receive unlimited access.

Additional information can be found at the Libraries Public Workstation Access Page

We will be going over the process of creating cards with each of you, but if there are issues or questions beforehand, please ask a circulation supervisor or reference librarian.


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