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Policies: October 2009 Archives


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Hi All,

Just a reminder. The DVD and VHS Reserve materials are NO OVERNIGHT even though Aleph will give you an overnight due date after 4pm.

You have to pretend that Aleph is assigning either 2 or 3 hour return times and tell the patron they are due back in 2 or 3 hours and can not be taken out of the library.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because we may have many students trying to watch these films and the instructors have been very adamant about them being used ONLY IN THE LIBRARY!!!

If you have any problems with patrons complaining or taking materials out of the library please let me know. I can speak with these individuals if necessary. If any of the reserve DVDs or VHS are missing or out beyond their due time let me or AMY know immediately.

Thank you for your diligence in this matter.


Sub Sign Up Sheet

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The Walter Library work rules state:

"Use the replacement sheet to try and find a sub for a shift you cannot work. Do not only rely on the sheet; use the student phone list to call student workers as well. If you cannot find a replacement you will be expected to work your scheduled shift unless arrangements have been made with a supervisor".

It is very important that everyone tries to fill their shifts and makes sure that a supervisor OKs the replacement worker. The reason we OK it is so we know that the shift has been filled and we know who to expect to come in for that shift.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Please leave a comment when you have read this.


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