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Do not waive or enter fines payments in Alma. If a patron would like to discuss a fine please refer to a full-time staff member. If none are available instruct the patron to contact Wilson Library at 612-624-3321.


Further information, including the step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Last Day to Use Aleph: Friday, Dec. 20

First Day to Use Alma: Monday, Dec. 30

Saturday, Dec. 21 - Sunday, Dec. 29 - Use Offline Circulation

Checking-out books: Use OFFLINE Circulation (backup system) for checking-out books. This can only be done on the middle basement desk computer (ULWAL-B03-BM). Click on the Offline Circ icon on the desktop.

Checking-in books: Do not check-in books! Place ALL returns onto book trucks and put a label on the truck "RETURNS". These will be held until Dec. 30 when we go live with Alma.

No transactions can occur anywhere else: While working the 2nd floor desk, refer patrons to the basement desk to check-out books. Hold returns at the 2nd floor desk. These should be brought to the basement desk and held with the other returns.

ILL's: No changes to processing Interlibrary Loan's. These will still be processed in ILLiad.

Dec. 30: Full-time staff will upload the Offline circ file and then the returns can be checked-in using Alma (backdate returns to Dec. 20).

Please ask if there are questions. Thanks for all of your help during this transition.



There is a change to the check-out procedure for Reserve materials. All Reserve items will have to have the due date and time manually entered at check-out.

Aleph may say the item does not circulate or block you from check out. Override and manually enter the correct due date and time.

Overnight loans (mainly books) are due the next day and one hour after opening.

DVDs and items marked No Overnight should still circulate for the usual 2 or 3 hour loan period.

Please let Priscilla know if any problems or issues arise with circulating Reserve materials.

Thank you.

Staff should listen to WCCO Radio (830 AM) for official University closing information. Details also will be posted on the University's website homepage:

In the event the University Twin Cities campus does close for weather-related or other events, University administration will send an email to all Twin Cities faculty, staff, and students with details about the closing. The University Librarian's main phone number (612-624-4520) will have a voice mail message repeating the official closing information.

Staff who work weekend and evening shifts should call the University Librarian's main number (612-624-4520) if they believe the University may be closed or closing on the day of their shift.

The University also has a text-messaging system (TXT-U), which sends text messages to individual's cell phones. To learn more about the system and/or sign up for alerts, go to:

When Interlibrary Loan Materials are very overdue and you try to mark it "In-Transit" you will sometimes see this message: "Blocked/Overdue" in ILLiad. Please go ahead and accept the return of an item with this status. Call 4-1806 and let ILL know that the item was returned. If it's after hours you can leave a message, or, if it is easier, send an email to

Friendly Reminder

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Hey guys!

Just a friendly reminder that after you check in a RESERVED textbook, please please please kindly return the reserved textbook back onto the reserved shelf. Please do not put the reserved books in front of the desensitizing machine and leave it to other students after you to clean up and put it away. Instinctively, the first thing we head to when searching a reserved book for a patron is on the reserved shelf - not by the desensitizing machine. It can cause a lot of confusion on the book's whereabouts. :(

Sorry if this sounds like a pet peeve, but it really is an inconvenience for the new students taking over the desk after you. Let's all help each other by taking the time to return the reserved books back onto the reserved shelf after you check them back in or when you leave your shift at the circulation desk.


Wireless printing is now functioning and available in Walter. Here are some key points:

•Mac and PC users can both use wireless printing;
•There are separate drivers for each type of printing (color Great Hall Mac, black and white Great Hall PC, black and white SMART, etc.);
•OIT is supporting this program;
•We are still not allowed to touch anyone's computer and are not liable for any issues caused by installing these drivers.

Signage is up on the second floor; instructions and more information can be found here:

Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Chat help available at:
Call: 612-301-4357 (1-HELP)

Emptying Book Drops

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As you know, the semester is over, and some people are still hoarding their library books like canned goods at the End of Days.

This is a reminder to keep a constant eye on the drop-boxes at the desk.

It is also a reminder that those that are opening the Basement desk need to clear the 24-hour book drop. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, please ask Amy Lewis, or Priscilla or Tim when they come in. If the 24-hour drop is not closed, we run a risk of damaging books as they overflow and fall to the floor.


help button.jpgThe Walter Reference desk will not be staffed over summer. However, Reference services will still be available. If you are working at a desk and Reference assistance is needed contact a supervisor or one of the full-time staff listed below via chat or phone.

Amy Lewis 5-4056
Amy Neeser 4-7899
Charlie Heinz 6-2810
Priscilla Pope 6-9567
Tim Engelstad 4-3897
Lynn Tran 4-8317
Chris Schlief 4-0238

24/7 Chat Help is available at:

Also, the Reference phone will be forwarded to the basement desk. Please ask if you have questions.


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