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Procedures: December 2009 Archives

Gate Alarms

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Thanks to everyone who has been diligent in stopping patrons who set off the gate alarms. This is so important with the recent rash of book thefts in Walter.

On a related note, we'd like to ask you to be sure to use the library elevator when transporting library materials to different floors/levels. Please do not go though the security gates with library materials.

When workers set off the gate alarms and are waved through it can undermine our security efforts and give users the wrong impression. We are working with other library staff and units within the building to do the same. Thank you!

Let it Snow

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With the chance of our first snowstorm of the year looming, please be aware of the official University communication process in the event of closing during inclement weather.

Libraries staff should tune into a local tv or radio station for official University closing information. Details also will be posted on the University's Website

In the event the Twin Cities campus closes due to weather-related events, University administration will send an email to all faculty, staff, and students with details about the closing. The University Librarian's main phone number (612-624-4520) will have a voice-mail message repeating the official closing information.

The University also has a text-messaging system (TXT-U) which sends text message alerts to individual's cell phones. This is a subscription service. To learn more about the system and/or sign up for alerts, check out TXT-U Emergency Notification

Further details related to emergency closings due to weather, are also in the Emergency Procedures notebook.

Name Tags

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It seems that we are missing a number of name tags. Please look though your bag, your stuff at home, your car, etc and bring it back should you find one. Everyone was given a name tag on their first day and you should only be using your own. If yours is missing, please see Mary for a new one.

It is important for staff to wear a name tag when working at the desk or in the stacks, so that you are identified as staff. You may be shelving and a patron can then know to ask you a question. The name tag is a visible reminder of being a worker. This is also one the customer service points that we are checked on.


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