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Procedures: September 2010 Archives

Checking In Items

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Please take your time when checking in items to make sure that Aleph has caught up to you and the book is off of the patron's account. Aleph can be slow at times and that means that we need to work that the speed that it goes. Also when checking items in, be sure to watch the screen for messages that pop up indicating that the item be sent to Wilson, Math, Bio-Med, etc. Even a message that the item has two parts. If that message is not acknowledged and a new book is scanned for check in, the first book that had the pop up message was not checked in and is still on the patron's account. This can cause the patron to get fines even though the item was returned on time.

Please be sure to go slow and acknowledge pop up messages that may appear. If you have any questions, please talk to a supervisor.
Thank you.

Shelving Stat Sheet

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There seems to be some confusion about what needs to be filled in on the Shelving Stat Sheet to record shelving times. Hopefully this will help to clear things up.

When you put a truck together to be shelved, you fill out the LEFT side of the sheet entering the following data: Truck number, Name, Start time (time the truck was put together), Date, Number of Items, and Type of Items (Per, 208, Book).

When you shelve the truck the RIGHT side is completed for the truck that you are shelving. Be sure to check that you fill out the lines for the correct truck since the trucks are used over. When you shelve all you need to fill out is the following: Name, Finish Time, Date. Please put the finish time, part of this sheet is to help record times of how long books take to get shelved.

Nothing should be listed in the "Stats Entered" column. That is for me to help me figure out how much was shelved for the day. This sheet helps me record how much we shelve each day and what the turn around time is. If books sit for 3 weeks, that isn't good, but how do we know unless we write it down.

If you have any questions, please talk to Mary. Thank you.


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