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Procedures: October 2010 Archives

Changes to Pick Up 2

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There are some minor changes to Pick Up 2 that I want to let everyone know about. As usual, please be sure to take the items from the shelf at the Basement Circulation desk. This shelf is now labeled "To be shelved with Pick Up 2". You can't miss it. There are also additional labels for Theses, Reference, and Popular Reading. The Popular Reading items are shelved in the coffee shop area and should be shelved during Pick Up 2. The pink slip has been changed to allow for the Popular Reading items to be recorded.

Another change on the slip is that the "End Table" items in the Reference room no longer are there. These were specific items that had a spine label marker of "End Table".

If you have any questions, please ask.

Shelving Reminders

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Just a reminder that when shelving, the bookend needs to go at the end of the shelf of books. It is there to hold the books up. I have been seeing a number of shelves that have books outside the bookend. My guess is that it is patrons leaving the books there and not finding a table or book truck for the item. If you see items out side the bookend, please take some time to re-shelve it.



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