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Procedures: November 2010 Archives

Thanks, everybody!

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I just wanted to take the time to thank everybody that helped out by taking a shift or two of mine so that I may attend training the last two weeks. You have allowed me to earn a great depth of knowledge, and I thank you for working the long hours deep into the inky night. I know its not a popular shift, and for that I thank you, Rosie, Shannon, and Nathan.

Also, during my absence there was left a couple of piles of books in my office from the mail bin. They appeared not to have been processed, and I just wanted to remind everybody that does the mail, to please scan the office before they are done and make sure that all the books that have been removed from the bins have been returned and processed and put into their rightful place. I have noticed on other occasions that mail has been left in my office, and we cannot continue to have this happen.

Thanks, Tim

Hi Everyone,

In order to use fewer mail bins and save wear and tear on the books, here are some tips to follow when placing books in the mail bins:

Put bigger books at the bottom of the pile.

Turn books so they stack neatly in at least two stacks. Often times you can make 3 stacks.

Reorganize as you place more books in the bin so bigger always go to the bottom and smaller on top.

If one bin is really full and the other not, move some books to the emptier bin to create an even load between the bins (this is being kind to the staff who load and unload these bins as they are moved around campus).

Put some of the smaller books around the sides or between the stacks, vertically or on their side, to take advantage of that space and help keep the other books from sliding around and getting damaged.

Thank you.


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